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Selling CDs [11 Jun 2013|02:18pm]

Hey there,

I am selling Sinai and Nectar, as well as live distributed material (heroin live, and kuroneko making off)
Over here:


Please take a look. Thanks a lot
waisetsu ningyou

big vidoll sales [29 Mar 2013|09:25pm]

Hi I'm selling some of my Vidoll's stuffs.
ALL in very good condition and some of them are not opened!
I accept paypal and shipped internationally.
Please leave a comment if interested, thanks a lot <3

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waisetsu ningyou

asking *request [28 Jun 2012|01:12am]

[ mood | awake ]

i read on Jui's tweet or blog if, in hislatest interview with RR 042, he said something that he cant said about the disband a year ago...
does someone want to translate his interview on RR 042?
i really curious about it
onegai shimasu (>__<)

♪♪♪7 waisetsu ningyou

TRICK [04 Mar 2012|10:52pm]

Have you heard the news? Tero is in a new band - TRICK -


Vocalist is Makoto (Aucifer etc), Shuse (La'cryma christi) on bass and I have to admit to drawing a blank on the guitarists - any info greatly received.
There's also a single available 'Phenomena'

Is anyone else surprised? I knew he was still playing, and he keeps popping up at various events, but I wasn't expecting this at all.

Now we just have poor Shun, all on his own, with nothing to do but study, serve drinks and worry about his weight ;)
♪♪♪2 waisetsu ningyou

BGN's preview [01 Dec 2011|08:43am]

The preview for Black Gene for the Next Scene's single [DOOM] is up!

What do you think? I like it - heavier than I expected (even as a fan of XodiacK I still wasn't expecting something like this)
♪♪♪3 waisetsu ningyou

Question about tickets [30 Oct 2011|09:56pm]

Hello everyone! I have a Jui related question. I'm going to his solo live 11/11. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ But I want to go to the talk live, it's called Rock star something,that Jui is a guest on 11/15, Ruka from Nightmare is the host. But the tickets are sold out! D: So, I wonder if there is anyone who knows other sites that could possibly sell tickets on auctions and the like except for yahoo and AU. I found one on yahoo, but the price was 18,500 ( original price is around 3000) so I can't afford it and I want two tickets.

I have a feeling that I won't succeed in getting tickets if I'm not ready to pay a lot more than the original price, but it's worth a try I guess! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Thank you!
waisetsu ningyou

help for buying cheki. [30 Sep 2011|12:00am]

since I will go to Buchi(Drummer of ex-Plastic Tree)'s Taiwan live on 12th Oct.
and Jui will have a session participation.

so...I'm not sure if there has any Jui's related goods for sale or not, but if they will sell the cheki, will somebody want it?

x-posted to jui's lj comm
waisetsu ningyou

Giru and Karyu Join ANGELO [28 Aug 2011|06:43am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

i just found out yesturday that giru and despa's karyu have officially joined angelo. you can check out the band's official homepage for more info :3

giru and karyu are bringing sexy back to angelo ^^


♪♪♪4 waisetsu ningyou

need help vidoll last live [04 Jul 2011|11:05pm]

so, anyone can help me
order this http://www.sword-records.com/vidoll-dvd/shop/frontpage.cgi? T___T

*without fee maybe?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

♪♪♪4 waisetsu ningyou

release info of THE LAST LIVE DVD [19 Jun 2011|12:37am]

Here is the link.

You can order it by mail order only in Japan, the deadline is 31July, DVD will be send on 25Aug.

Ah- and the price is 6000yen, with 700yen fees inc. shipping.

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♪♪♪3 waisetsu ningyou

About Tero's session with Daisy x Daisy [05 Jun 2011|04:46pm]

I think everybody want to hear his voice when he sings the song ^^ he he
so i want to share his session that broadcasting in May 30th at Niconico (if i'm not misremember XD )
Here we go~~!Collapse )
♪♪♪8 waisetsu ningyou

asking after they disband [01 Jun 2011|12:54am]

nee... Minna,
i want ask/disscussion this with u,

as we know,
after vidoll disbanding
shun won't be a player again and Jui be a soloist
so i wanna to know about the others members

i just read, if rame and giru will be a bussisment? And Tero open a farm? O.o

*in past blog , i just read if Giru will still be a guitarist and Tero will be an add drummer? O.o;

anyone know?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

♪♪♪13 waisetsu ningyou

[sharing] some photos of the Last Live Pamphlet. [20 May 2011|12:52pm]

I decided to share the photos of the pamphlet, which borrowed from my friend.

and please, do not post to elsewhere, thank you.

and I will upload more photos when I have time.

ヴィドールは僕の宝物です。Collapse )
♪♪♪6 waisetsu ningyou

Toumei Hanzai Limited Edition [12 May 2011|09:01pm]

Rare live DVD originally sold for their fan club is now available in a very limited quantity! Features their performance at OSAKAMUSE on June 26, 2006, which was ex-members Hide and Yukine's last concert.

It will be realease 2011/06/01

Part 1


1. ロープ
2. 射精3回ナルコレプシー
3. 曖昧主演女優
4. 人間界TV
5. マミー×ダでぃ
6. 逆ギレ
7. 透明ナカゴ
8. オカルトプロポーズ
9. リマインドストーリー
10. 「F」Stein to「M」

Part 2



1. 人魚
2. 平和ノ謡〜ようこそ人形館へ!〜
3. 新聞マスコミ関係者の方々へ・・・
4. 僕、僕。
5. とりかぶと
6. ・・・サンガコロンダ!!
7. Peko-crash-trap@
8. カラクリロマンス
9. 我輩ハ、殺女成り・・・
10. サヨナラ
11. ワイセツ人形
12. I my アイマイ

I want it, but don't have money, and it won't happen until 3 days from now, so I don't think I get it!! u.u
♪♪♪3 waisetsu ningyou

JUI_XI Regular and Limited Versions Scans [12 May 2011|02:57pm]


all here @ brocade_lounge 
will be closed MO n two days
waisetsu ningyou

blog request [08 May 2011|06:57am]

Can i request translation from this blog entry?
I so bad in japanese ;w;


arigatou minna m(_ _)m

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

♪♪♪14 waisetsu ningyou

Vidoll's Last Live [07 May 2011|11:43am]

This was mentioned a few posts back. Vidoll's last live will be streamed via Nico Nico Douga.


Anyone please record this?
♪♪♪29 waisetsu ningyou

Important notice of the tour goods! [06 May 2011|08:36pm]

Hello I'm in Shinjuku now. just arrived at evening.

btw I'm watching Shun's blog now, the tour goods seems have many colors and type for choosing.
but why OHP only post one kind of them...wakaranai-_-

so for those who have sent money to me, please take a look into shun's blog first, and please tell me if you have any color/type are especially wanted.
If no one answers I will follow the OHP unless it have been sold out/any other reasons...

thanks for the notice.
♪♪♪1 waisetsu ningyou

Details of goods purchasing help. [01 May 2011|12:41am]

I'm so sorry for late of posting the details.
If you are interested on buying the last live goods, I can help for the purchasd UNLESS STH YOU WANT HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT UNFORTUNATELY*it's a holy shit* AND I WILL REFUND THE PAYMENT TO YOU.

Please take a look on the goods info which I posted before first.
But, for some reasons I won't help for buying the cheki unless you are a fan of shun*laugh*
It's hard to get rame's cheki according to the experience from my frd.

Pamphlet: 54usd
T-shirt(all size): 41usd
lunch box set: 25usd
Keyhold, phone strap: 29usd
towel set: 38usd
Maybe I can help for buying their photobook too, the price is the same as the pamphlet.

Shipping cost is according to where you lived now.

Payment method:
Paypal or western union(it's a way for transferring money to my country too but I'm not suggest you to use it)

3 May 2011 00:00 a.m (GMT+8)(its very hurry sorry, but if I can give you 2 more days to 5 May 2011 if using western union)

Please send a message to me if interested. thank you!
waisetsu ningyou

Information of the tour goods of "Last Live". [29 Apr 2011|11:33am]

original links here.
the Pamphlet is quite expensive but the content is rich..:(


★Polaroid 1,000yen/1

★"KaiTai" Pamphlet 4,200yen

It becomes the first pamphlet of VIDOLL
Also it have the interviews of the member talking about the mental state, from the formation of VIDOLL to now.

All 60 pages
(Member interview 30pages/OFFSHOT/Past photos from 第三期(the time when Shun & Giru joined VIDOLL)/Questionnaire etc)

★Lunch BOX(with Bag) 2,000yen

★Heart keyholder & phone strap(white/black) 2,300yen for each

★Towel Set 3,000yen
Face tower & Hand Towel

★T-Shirt 3,200yen for ALL SIZE

btw I can help for purchase the goods since I will go to Japan next week, if you are interested please send a message to me!
♪♪♪5 waisetsu ningyou

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