kalafina (kalafina) wrote in vidooru,

Information of the tour goods of "Last Live".

original links here.
the Pamphlet is quite expensive but the content is rich..:(


★Polaroid 1,000yen/1

★"KaiTai" Pamphlet 4,200yen

It becomes the first pamphlet of VIDOLL
Also it have the interviews of the member talking about the mental state, from the formation of VIDOLL to now.

All 60 pages
(Member interview 30pages/OFFSHOT/Past photos from 第三期(the time when Shun & Giru joined VIDOLL)/Questionnaire etc)

★Lunch BOX(with Bag) 2,000yen

★Heart keyholder & phone strap(white/black) 2,300yen for each

★Towel Set 3,000yen
Face tower & Hand Towel

★T-Shirt 3,200yen for ALL SIZE

btw I can help for purchase the goods since I will go to Japan next week, if you are interested please send a message to me!
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