kalafina (kalafina) wrote in vidooru,

Details of goods purchasing help.

I'm so sorry for late of posting the details.
If you are interested on buying the last live goods, I can help for the purchasd UNLESS STH YOU WANT HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT UNFORTUNATELY*it's a holy shit* AND I WILL REFUND THE PAYMENT TO YOU.

Please take a look on the goods info which I posted before first.
But, for some reasons I won't help for buying the cheki unless you are a fan of shun*laugh*
It's hard to get rame's cheki according to the experience from my frd.

Pamphlet: 54usd
T-shirt(all size): 41usd
lunch box set: 25usd
Keyhold, phone strap: 29usd
towel set: 38usd
Maybe I can help for buying their photobook too, the price is the same as the pamphlet.

Shipping cost is according to where you lived now.

Payment method:
Paypal or western union(it's a way for transferring money to my country too but I'm not suggest you to use it)

3 May 2011 00:00 a.m (GMT+8)(its very hurry sorry, but if I can give you 2 more days to 5 May 2011 if using western union)

Please send a message to me if interested. thank you!
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