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Occult Proposal: A Vidoll Fan Community
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This Community is for the visual band Vidoll (Vidooru, ヴィドール). All posts must be Vidoll related in some way, shape, or form. Now that Vidoll has disbanded, upcoming projects of the members may be posted and discussed.


1. Ask questions about the band members, discography, music videos, tours, or ticket information.

2. Post translations of interviews, diary entries, songs.

3. Post about new releases, new costumes, Vidoll's website updates or any other "news".

4. Post pictures, videos, and music but use a friend's lock. Please put multiple or large pictures/graphics behind a lj cut:

5. Post Icons you have created, as long as all the icons are of Vidoll. If you have more than 3, put the rest behind a lj cut. If you have a lot of indies icons also check out vk_indies_icons. If you are linking to another journal with a fake cut, all the icons in the preview should be Vidoll icons. Avoid cross posting to multiple communities.

6. Post fan-art (behind an lj-cut).

7. Post fan-fiction behind an lj-cut, and well marked if it has any adult content. If you have a large on-going fic going, advertise it once and allow people to follow up where you are posting it (your journal, website, etc). This is to avoid someone writing short parts and updating a new piece every day. Write the whole fic, or at least a complete chapter, before you post it. I am allowing this because it has not been a problem in the past, but if it gets problematic we may change this rule. Bascially: Use your best judgement and avoid spamming the community.

8. Picture Requests If you are looking for pictures of something specific, go ahead and request that here. An example: Does anyone have pictures of Giru's tatoos? If you are requesting scans from a specific magazine, check out jrock_scans first to see if the pictures are in the archive.

9. Sales Guidelines Items for sale should be Vidoll merchandise, and Vidoll merchandise should represent at least 50% of the items for sale should be Vidoll merchandise. Sales posts are routinely deleted any time after a week has passed, so make sure to exchange contact information and keep records of any sales information you need. This is not a primary sales community. All sales are at your own risk and the moderators do not get involved in sales disputes.


1. Do Not request music or video files. This rule was made at the request of members of the community in order to avoid spam. There is a discography uploaded, please locate it by using the memories. There are many communities on LJ specifically for music and video requests. Please check out the communities tonarimachi red_aki for music requests. Note - you can upload music and videos! We are just asking requests to go to an appropriate community!

2. No adveritisements for RPG communities for any reason. If you want to join a jrock RPG community or advertise one, please check out cd_jrock_rpg.

3. There is no need to post an introduction post as some communities have.

4. Do not disable comment posting.

5. This is friendly community so members should not hurt one anothers feelings just because someone has different opinion. Do not cause drama or instigate fights. If you think something is inappropriate, please report it to a moderator to take care of. Do not feed trolls.

The goal of these rules is to prevent spam in the community, while allowing a friendly active community.

Remember: no flaming. no drama.